Committee Chairs

Education (scholarship related)-Sarah Gomes, Chairwoman

Professional Development- Mali Lim, Chairwoman

Fundraising/Advertising/Sponsorship- Lisa Lebreux, Chairwoman

Membership- Pat Bloom-McDonald, Chairwoman

Newsletter- Lisa Kaminski, Chairwoman

Publicity- Meaghen Avila, Chairwoman


Please contact us at if you are interested in serving as a Committee Chairperson or Member.

ABWA SouthCoast Chapter Committees include:

  • Professional Development
  • Fundraising/Advertising
  • Membership
  • Newsletter
  • Education/Scholarship
  • Publicity

Standing Committees:

1.    Education (scholarship related):
The primary function of this committee is to serve as a liaison between the Chapter and the Stephen Bufton Memorial Educational Fund (ABWA’s educational fund).

2.     Professional Development (creating an annual curriculum of business relevant programming for monthly meetings):
The primary function of this committee is to deliver business and market relevant programming at each monthly Chapter meeting. The committee shall utilize the aggregate results from ABWA’s Member Interest Survey (located in WIN) as a compass when determining the programming topics that would best meet the needs of the members and within the context of ABWA’s mission. The committee shall secure programming within the budgetary guidelines as defined by the Executive Board, forward program information to the newsletter chair (e.g., the speaker’s name, photo, presentation title and overview, date and time) for publication in monthly newsletter. Committee chair will also post a reminder in the Chapter’s WIN team board one-week in advance of meeting, communicate room set-up and A/V requirements to Vice President.
Additionally, the committee shall keep members aware of professional development opportunities offered at the national level (e.g., Women’s Instructional Network, Team Tools Courses, How to Be Heard, Job Suite, ABWA-KU MBA Essentials, Women as 21st Century Leaders).
3.    Fundraising/Advertising/Sponsorship:
The members of this committee are responsible for identifying and recommending opportunities that generate capital to sustain the league’s operations and within the guidelines of the Association, Federal and State government. Once annual projects are approved, the committee shall act to create and implement their revenue generating plan. The committee shall be responsible for monitoring their plan’s progress and for providing monthly status reports to the Executive Board.
4.    Membership
The primary function of this committee is to collaborate with the Vice President in maintaining the strength and vitality of the Chapter by organizing and implementing at a minimum two membership recruitment campaigns (fall and spring) that will attract new members and/or reclaim former ABWA members.
5.    Newsletter
The primary function of this committee is to design, write, publish and distribute the Chapter newsletter to members, District Vice President and to National. The newsletter should be published quarterly and either emailed or posted on the Women’s Instructional Network in the Chapter’s Team Library. The committee is also responsible for printing and submitting a copy of all publications to the Executive Board for the Best Practices Binder.
6.    Publicity
Members of this committee shall coordinate the development of a plan that increases the visibility of the Chapter’s notable initiatives and Chapter/member accomplishments within the community in which the Chapter resides (e.g., writing and sending promotional information to community social and media outlets).

All Standing Committee chairs shall be appointed by the newly elected President by July 30, and serve for a one-year term beginning August 1.

Special Committees:
Best Practices Committee, Women’s Instructional Network Committee, New Member Orientation Committee, Woman of the Year Committee and Top Ten Business Woman of ABWA Committee

Special committees are created and appointed. When their work is completed, and a final report is made, they automatically cease to exist.

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