The core of the ABWA is its National affiliation.  All members are required to join ABWA National prior to joining the SouthCoast Chapter. Please visit to join ABWA National.  If a woman wishes to participate only at the National level and attend a local Chapter meeting or two per year, that is permitted.  However, it is mandatory to join National before joining the local Chapter.  Remember, the ABWA SouthCoast Chapter is a community: a place to belong, a place to connect, a place to learn and a place to grow. We welcome you.

ABWA Annual Membership Dues

Why Join the SouthCoast Chapter?

  • Network with local business people
  • Generate new prospects and leads
  • Gain knowledge, ideas and skills from monthly speakers and other professional members
  • Build confidence in your own presentation skills as a spotlight speaker while showcasing you and your business
  • Develop business skills as a committee or board member
  • Involvement in an established women’s business networking group with National affiliations and events.


Knowledge is power and today you need a resource you can turn to for information about a wide variety of topics. You also need to know how to use that information to benefit yourself and/or your employer. Through ABWA, you will be able to participate in educational opportunities such as leadership developmental programs and business skills training courses, plus join fellow ABWA members in participating in professional, political and/or fun events.



Making contact with other business savvy professionals is what puts you ahead. Networking, though, is an art that many people have not perfected. ABWA meetings are tailored to practice this career critical skill and is part of its mission.

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